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Congratulations to these 2014 U.S. National Winners sired Anza Padron

CP Shenanigan
U.S. National Champion Arabian English Pleasure AAOTR 19-39

Anzapolla Bey
U.S. National Top Ten Arabian English Pleasure

All The Right Moves
U.S. National Top Ten Arabian English Pleasure Junior Horse

CP Shenanigan

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Anza Padron is the English Pleasure Champion stallion that combines matchless credentials with a perfect outcross pedigree.

Exotic beauty
Multiple English Pleasure National Championships
Outstanding trainability and a show horse attitude
Prepotency - imprinting his own characteristics on his offspring
Outstanding bloodlines that contain no *Bask or Huckleberry Bey

This is why tomorrow’s great performance horses will be "All About Anza!"


“It’s extremely unusual in an English performance class to see an Arabian horse with so much quality and type, who looks like an Arabian horse, and can be so athletic on all four legs. He has so much elevation and strength from behind, with a lot of expression and an absolutely free shoulder.  It’s highly unusual to see that, and obviously, that’s what we’re all breeding for.  This horse has all of these qualities”.

Duane Esser, Trainer and 2004 U.S. Nationals Judge


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